S O U T H E R N    W I L D    A R T I S T S    R E T R E A T


O S S A B A W   I S L A N D



we invite you to come away. come with us to ossabaw, a barrier island off the coast of georgia that is exotic, mystical, spiritual, historically rich, and alluringly wild. uninhabited, the island is ours for 3 nights and 4 days with a vetted and committed caretaker we adore (and suspect you will too). we are inviting six artists to join us for photographs, plan-making, peer fellowship and council. we will come together in this remote southern jungle to lift ourselves and each other creatively, with the struggles and victories of the photographic life…working projects, career maps, artistic goals, inspirations for making the work and moving forward in the face of creative blocks. this is a retreat to connect, inspire, renew, and enrich.  

november   17th  -  20th (sold out) $950

spring and fall dates for 2017 coming soon (contact us to hold your spot!)

your invitation includes

l o d g i n g  

t h e    b o a r d i n g    h o u s e

a beautifully restored 1918 craftsman bungalow

shared rooms (2 per room)

m e a l s

continental breakfast to go

picnic lunch on-site

family dinner every evening

t r a n s p o r t a t i o n

by boat to oassabaw from skidaway, savannah

and transportation on the island

d a r k r o o m

with enlarger

drying cabinet

indoor and outdoor sinks

and ideas - if you are game

participants are responsible for:

transportation to savannah/skidaway

we suggest arriving in savannah the night before…nov. 16 and we will provide a short list 

of convenient hotels.

special diets (a vegetarian option will be offered for all meals)

adult beverages

(ossabaw is a remote island.  there are no stores of any kind.  we leave no footprint.  b.y.o.b.)

bring your own bottles.  bring your own booze.

no footprint  -  no judgement


we hope to shape this retreat to best serve our first participants with a honed agenda that lifts us all.  

speak up.  we're listening.

with our open hearts and minds - we invite you

     anne & lori

contact us at